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about us


Yahav Hamias Group (YHG) is a leader in the design, engineering and construction of advanced manufacturing plants and industrial equipment. Under the leadership of Yahav Hamias Technology Ltd., the Group has expanded to include a variety of fully-owned specialty engineering subsidiaries. Through the integration and close co-operation of these multi-faceted operations, YHG is able to offer clients throughout the world a comprehensive range of leading-edge, technology-intensive machinery and manufacturing solutions for all types of industries, all from a single and reliable source.

YHG has achieved a worldwide reputation as a leading expert in its field, due both to its innovative technologies, which it developed and refined over the course of more than four decades, and its uncompromising pursuit of the highest quality and manufacturing standards.

YHG was founded in 1974 by Jecob Yahav, currently YHG's Chairman, and Joseph Hamias, currently its CEO. Over the years, YHG has built an international reputation for excellence in engineering, design and construction, especially for the food, edible oils and wine, chemical, agriculture, energy and environmental protection industries. Recognizing the Group’s expertise in these fields, leading organizations in Israel and around the world select YHG for complex projects, trusting it to deliver flawless, end-to-end execution from the planning/engineering stage through to the construction and assembly of the manufacturing facility and its equipment. After completing its turn-key projects, YHG is often retained to provide ongoing maintenance operations on a long-term basis.


YHG employs approximately 170 individuals, including approximately 15 mechanical engineers in the Group’s Engineering and Development department. As part of its vision to become a comprehensive “one-stop-shop” for industrial manufacturing solutions, during the past several years the Group acquired two leading companies in related fields, including Srugo, a leading designer and manufacturer of specialized mixing and processing equipment, and S. Barger & Son, a leading designer and manufacturer of industrial dust control systems.