Sunday, May 19th 2024 - 15:19:58



The fabrication of equipment for wineries required specialized expertise and in-depth understanding of the unique and complex process of winemaking. Therefore Yahav Hamias has established a department dedicated solely to meeting the needs of the modern winery.


Yahav Hamias manufactures all the equipment required for the establishment of modern wineries: dump pits, drainers for liquids, storage containers, conveyor systems, fermentation containers, specialized structures, etc. - all in sizes and dimensions according to customer requirements.


The group produces special storage containers for wine, who can be manufactured with volume of 10k, 20k, 50k, 100k, and 150k liters. To date, Yahav Hamias has supplied specialized containers with a total volume of more than 5 million liters. The group has the know-how required to manufacture containers for perfect fermentation, including: double walls, special bottom dischargers for sediment, man-holes, etc. Likewise, it has the know-how for building special pipelines for wineries, including screwed, flanged and welded piping, suited to each of the various types of metals used in fermentation and storage containers.


Recently, Yahav Hamias developed a first-of-its-kind robot - unique in the world - that enables the automatic handling of wine barrels, including emptying, cleaning, loading and unloading.