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Srugo Machines Engineering


Srugo Machines Engineering was founded by Mr. Jakob Srugo in Argentina in 1954, and was relocated to Israel in 1965 when Mr. Srugo immigrated to Israel. During its first several decades, the company grew to become a leading manufacturer of industrial equipment for mixing, dispersing, kneading, drying, filtering and agitating, and in 1990, began exporting its products to countries throughout Western and Eastern Europe, the U.S., Asia and Australia.



Srugo’s mixing and kneading systems have developed a worldwide reputation for excellence due to their high quality, both in terms of efficiency and reliability. The company’s expert team, which is led now by Mr. Isaac Srugo, has earned the reputation as one of the world’s most knowledgeable and experienced for the supply of advanced mixing and kneading solutions, with the know-how required to create ideal mixing solutions for any type of factory and production line.



In 2009, YHG acquired Srugo and relocated its operations from their premises in Netivot to the Yahav Hamias complex, YHG’s main factory and headquarters in the Hatzav industrial area in Nahshonim, Israel.