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Mr. Jecob Yahav, Chairman, Board of Directors

Mr. Jecob Yahav is a co-founder of the Yahav Hamias Group, and currently holds 50% of its equity. During the Group’s early history, Mr. Yahav managed the Group’s manufacturing activities and was responsible for client relations. Today, Mr. Yahav retains overall responsibility for the Group’s financial activities and manages its real estate operations.


Mr. Joseph Hamias, CEO

Mr. Joseph Hamias is a co-founder of the Group, and currently holds 50% of its equity. Through a career spanning four decades, Mr. Hamias has accumulated extensive experience in the planning of complex industrial engineering/construction projects, and has earned an international reputation as an expert in a broad variety of manufacturing processes. Mr. Hamias was selected to serve as a special consultant to the UN for several complex construction projects in Africa and other emerging regions.


Mr. Shlomi Zagury, D.CEO

Mr. Zagury joined the Yahav Hamias Group in 2009, between 2010 and 2012 he was manages the Group’s Dust Control Solution division, a business which the Group acquired from S. Barger & Son Ltd. Mr. Zagury is responsible for all Group projects in this field, from engineering and design through manufacturing and deployment. Mr. Zagury is also responsible for obtaining governmental/environmental/ regulatory approvals for dust control solutions installed by the Group. From year 2012 Mr. Zagury serves as Deputy CEO of the Group. Mr. Zagury holds a B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering from Afeka College in Tel Aviv.


Mr. Naftali Goldbaum, Manager, Yahav Hamias International

Mr. Naftali Goldbaum is an expert in the deployment of industrial projects with a focus on the fields of agriculture and fats/oils processing. Prior to joining YHG, Mr. Goldbaum served in senior positions for Olive Tree Ltd. and HLS, where he acquired significant experience in the processing of fats and oils. Mr. Goldbaum joined YHG in 2002, and is currently responsible for the execution of all Group projects in regions outside of Israel. Mr. Goldbaum holds a B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering from Israel’s Technion.


Mr. Roman Blumin, Manager, Department of Engineering and Development

Mr. Roman Blumin is an expert in the field of mechanical engineering with rich experience in the design and development of technology in a range of industrial fields. Mr. Blumin joined Yahav Hamias in 1996, and has led its Department of Engineering and Development since 2003. He holds a B.Sc. and an M.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Kiev.