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Chain Conveyors

Chain Conveyors

Chain Conveyors are ideal for "en masse" conveying of material within a plant where space and complexity of distribution as well as type of material pose particular diddiculties.


YHG Conveyors are manufactured in a number of different sizes and can handle capacities up to 500 cubic mts/hr, and to length 100 mts, depending upon capacity. Their design ensurres extremely robust and reliable machines that give easy and inexpensive maintenance, low operating cost and a flexibility and simplicity of discharge arrangements not associated with most other types of conveying equipment.


The constraction of the machines is based around a totally enclosed dust-proof casing. An endless flighted chain carries the incoming material without turbulence or internal friction to the discharge outlet. The material can be carried horizontally, vertically, inclined or in any combination of directions as dictated by layout design considerations.


Multiple independently operated inlets and outlets can be built-in to the one machine casing. Controlled feeding of material from machine is achieved by either a predetermined chain speed or regulated inlet feed.