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YHG Screw Conveyors are the best solution to short distance bulk conveying of materials from station to station. YHG engineering konw-how and versatile qualities of Screw Conveyors ensures that you will get a unit that, in addition to straightforward transfer, can also either mix, blend, cool, aerate or meter your materials. The Screw Conveyors can handle a diverse range of materials, powdered and granular, flakey and lumpy, hot and viscous.

The SRUGO Nauta Mixers are commonly used for applications that requires gentle mixing with minimal heat build-up and aeration in the product. Due to the Nauta Mixer conical design the unloading of the material is assisted by gravity, what makes the discharge cleaner and faster. The Nauta Mixer is proven to be very accurate and efficient for a wide range of industries, including Paints industry, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics, Adhesives, Food etc.  


The Naute Mixer is available from 20 to 25,000 liters.