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Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility


Group Values


With a strong belief that it is an inseparable component of the communities in which it operates, YHG has committed itself to the highest standards of corporate responsibility for all of its activities. This commitment obligates the Group to strive to manage all aspects of its business in an ethical and honest manner, to protect the environment, to engage in activities for the good of the community, to provide a safe workplace, to provide for the wellbeing of its employees, and to promote social values such as equality, tolerance and giving to others. To further these goals, the Group carries out a number of activities directly, and also is also active philanthropically on a private basis to maintain anonymity.


Environmental Protection


Many of the products, technologies and services offered by the Yahav Hamias Group are ‘environmental’ by their nature: that is, their usage promotes the creation of cleaner air while reducing the power requirements of ongoing manufacturing process. For example, the Group manufactures advanced systems for the reduction of the dust created by manufacturing process, and develops technologies for recycling and for the creation of alternative energy.


In addition, the Groups strives to deploy manufacturing processes that minimize environmental impact and the use of raw materials and that are as efficient as possible in their use of energy.


YHG Scholarships 


Each year, YHG grants scholarships to qualified students pursuing advanced degrees in the field of Mechanical Engineering. These scholarships are provided with the goal of promoting the development of new, cutting-edge technologies and to incentivize extraordinary minds to enter this critical field. When appropriate, YHG also offers employment to graduates of these programs, taking advantage of their talents to help advance its Engineering and Development department.


YHG’s investment in these scholarships derives from its belief that advanced technology is the infrastructure upon which is built all modern, developed industry, and that its own success is ultimately tied to continual advances in manufacturing technologies and processes. YHG’s management and owners believe that the opportunity to provide assistance to individuals looking to progress in this field is a great privilege that enables them to contribute to ever higher standards for Israeli industry.


For additional information, scholarship criteria and application form, please click here.